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The Art Metro Stations of Naples, Italy

This is the Toledo station, my favorite.

Naples has a small but efficient metro system consisting mainly of two lines, 1 and 6 (the yellow and light blue lines, below).

In 2006 the city passed a resolution to create "Stations of Art" in order to beautify and clean up the old metro lines. As the metro system expanded, design guidelines were established and designers and architects from around the world submitted proposals. The result is 180 pieces of art by 90 international artists throughout the two lines. They're unique, fun and quite interesting. We stayed on line 1, closest to the Toledo station.

The Toldeo station was voted the most beautiful metro station in the world in 2006.

The Ferrovia Centrale mosaic at the Toledo station.

The Garibaldi station is both the main train station (Napoli Centrale) as well as a metro station. The glass and geometric lines give it a very modern feel.

Signage is clear and simple throughout the system.

More from the interesting Dante station.

The Università Station, serving the University of Naples, was opened in 2011.

The Materdei station

A one-way ticket costs about €1,50 and is good for 90 minutes. A daily ticket is €4,50 and lasts until midnight. A weekly ticket is €15,80. Here are some more beautiful and interesting works of art.

Top Tip
  • Walking around Naples is the best way to experience this wonderful city, but the metro is also a great way to get around. It's efficient, clean and safe. You shouldn't hesitate to use it!

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3 opmerkingen

10 jul. 2020


10 jul. 2020

They were fun to visit, Larry! I want to do the same thing whenever we get to Russia. I understand some of the Moscow subway stations are beautiful also.


08 jul. 2020

very cool. Now I want to go back just to see this!

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