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Hi, we’re Paul and Ellen, newly-retired boomers. Travel is our passion.  Our goal for this blog is twofold; to share our love of discovering other cultures and to illustrate that anyone, no matter what age, can travel the world.  You won’t see videos of zip lining or treks, but you’ll see lots of local color, markets, street scenes and even how to successfully cross the street in Vietnam!  We hope you’ll be inspired to expand your own horizons as we explore the world together.

More about us...our house and our cat Sammy are nestled in the beautiful Fingers Lakes region of New York State, and our four children are spread from coast to coast.   We’ve traveled for a long time, but we’re excited about no longer being constrained by vacation days, meetings and deadlines. Between us we’ve traveled to six continents, but there’s so much more to see (maybe even that 7th continent)!  


We’re not foodies, but we enjoy a good meal and we’ve rarely met a glass of red wine we didn’t like.  We’re neither luxury nor budget travelers; we try to keep our lodging under $200 a night. We prefer small boutique hotels (with elevators!)  to the chain ones. We’re independent travelers, preferring to chart our own course rather than joining a group or an organized tour. Part of the fun for us is the time we spend researching and planning our trips.  


Feel free to reach out to us with questions and comments; we’d love to hear from you.




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