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Old Delhi Defies Description

Updated: Jul 2, 2019

Delhi, India's capital, is a city of about 18 million people. I think all 18 million own cars and drive, but that's the subject of another post. We spent several hours in the narrow alleys and markets of Old Delhi. There is no sense that's not tested in Old Delhi and it was like stepping into another world. We spent enough time there to know we want to return and explore in depth.

Rickshaws line up like taxis

Katie and Nan enjoying their rickshaw ride

The wires add to the chaotic atmosphere of Old Delhi.

Had we not had our guide, we wouldn't necessarily have noticed the men in the photos below. They're tradesman waiting to get a job. Need a plumber or someone to do a painting job? No problem; just come down to this corner and hire your worker. It's Old Delhi's answer to Angie's List.

Likewise, we would probably have missed this. In a country of more than 1 billion people, Indians take advantage of every square foot. Look carefully; this is a shop on top of a shop. Very ingenuous!

The market was large and full of small shops and street vendors selling everything under the sun.

This lady had a good location to sell her flowers

Beautiful turmeric

At one point we all started coughing and I found it hard to breathe. It took us a minute to realize that we had arrived at the chili market!

The basket shop

Paul bought a knife at this shop.

The colors!

I love Motorcycle Dude!

So many modes of transportation!

Now that we've been there once, we want to return and explore more in depth - and eat street food!

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